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TOP 10 favorite bands

1.PAPA ROACH 2. Bullet For My Valentine 3. Dope 4.Escape The Fate/Falling in Reverse 5. Murderdolls 6. Halestorm 7. Black Veil Brides 8. Motionless in White 9. Adelitas Way 10. Five Finger Death Punch

now a little about me
I love music music is my life i hope to become a famous musician one day i play the guitar im a pretty nice guy as long as you dont piss me off

people think im pretty funny other than that im a pretty boring person other than the fact that i can play the guitar very well at least some people think so

ive been to many concerts ive met papa roach once there great guys so peace my home skizzals


i want the best for everyone of you even the people that arnt nice because everyone deserves happiness and if some one says you cant be that way fuck them be yourself never do wht other people say be your own person and you are perfect the way you are and this world needs diffrent people because without diffrent people then the world would always be boring so i wish everyone the best and i pray you all live life to your fullest never be afraid to say whats on your mind and never take shit from anyone because if you do then your just gonna be walked on for the rest of your life

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