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About Syd < 3 (:

Hey, the names Syd, i am 16. dark haired dark eyed short girl :D lol. i love music! my favorite bands are Boys Like Girls, Papa Roach, Nickelback, 3OH!3, Hawthorne Heights, Taking Back Sunday, Hinder, && Buckcherry! i am kinda a shy person, but once you meet me i am very talkative & and a pretty cool person!

my favorite song i just cant stop singing is - Me You & My Medication!! i love it.

*found my way to the highway, i dont wanna tell you the state im in
ive had to much to smoke, to much to drink, where have i been?
i feel like the stars are getting closer and the sky is closing in
and i dont know where to begin

we`re all looking for something, to take away the pain

me, you, and my medication
(making the best of it)
love is just a chemical creation
(will it be perminant?)
synthetic sensation
me,you,and my medication

ahhh, i just love it. you should listen to it. (:
i also have a myspace, just look up Sydney Jordannn!

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