1. rue3425 avatar

    On Jul 18, rue3425 said:

    im doing pretty good :)

  2. rue3425 avatar

    On Jul 17, rue3425 said:

    hey! thanks for adding me :)
    how are you?

  3. Drezz avatar

    On Jun 16, Drezz said:


  4. Bat Beauty. < 3 avatar

    On Jun 16, Bat Beauty. < 3 said:

    hey hoeeeee. (:

  5. Drezz avatar

    On Jun 16, Drezz said:

    It's been a crappy week! I'm finishing the danish primaryschool, so I've been readying whole week to get ready for my last examn. So, no partying for me -.-

    And you?

  6. Drezz avatar

    On Jun 15, Drezz said:


  7. charliescene avatar

    On Jun 15, charliescene said:

    thanks for your three cmnts ;D

    what are you doing (:

  8. Drezz avatar

    On Jun 13, Drezz said:

    Hi (:
    I'm kinda bored... U?

  9. Bat Beauty. < 3 avatar

    On Jun 07, Bat Beauty. < 3 said:

    yeah your short, but your NOT chunky.

    your Vul-ump-shoe-usssss.
    i spelt that SOOOOOOO wronggg, but you know what im trying to spell. bahaaa.

  10. Bat Beauty. < 3 avatar

    On Jun 06, Bat Beauty. < 3 said:

    Hey theres this really sweet & cool guy on my friends that ive been talking too. you should add him :)
    His names Johnathan that is spelt soooooooo wrong but yeah < 3 haaaa.

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