W T F is up?!!!

Thu, May 12, 2011 at 5:34 PM By: Jacoby Shaddix aka Jacobo Insonico

we have now been out on raid the nation for a minute ats been a blast so far. tonight we are in nebraska and the crowd is buzzing....... cant wait to rip this one tonight. gonna start bringing in some older songs to the set. we been playing the same songs for a while its time to flip some shit up. not listening is the first one i want to brush up on. any suggestions? my mission in life today is to be honest with myself and to be in the moment. i find myself worrying too much about stuff i cant control i gotta lay back and take care of whats right in front of me. rock the fuck on people!!!!


  1. Savi Czarcasm avatar

    On Jan 30, Savi Czarcasm said:

    Being worried about stuff you can't control is natural. But as someone wise once told me, "Don't take life so seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway."

  2. WilleWonka avatar

    On Sep 28, WilleWonka said:

    Come to Kazakhstan ... We are waiting =)

  3. Lyrax avatar

    On Jul 30, Lyrax said:

    Im going with classics:
    Never said it
    Liquid Diet!!
    Orange Drive Palms!!
    Tightrope (the fast rock version)
    and finally..
    Harder than a coffin nail.

  4. papaj avatar

    On Jul 21, papaj said:

    the sky :P

  5. paparoachfan123 avatar

    On Jul 11, paparoachfan123 said:

    OH!! plus My heart is a fist and the world around you change or die

  6. paparoachfan123 avatar

    On Jul 11, paparoachfan123 said:

    crash and she loves me not!! much love

  7. PRoachaddict avatar

    On Jun 27, PRoachaddict said:

    CRASHhhhhh!!!!! And she loves me not, time and time again, blood brotheres..... Cnt wait to see you in boca fl. U inspire me everyday and after one of ur concerts I feel like I could go for days I love you guys and thank god for u guys being in my life

  8. jordans avatar

    On Jun 23, jordans said:

    Mr. Shaddix...........i was THRILLED to hear you play stuff from LoveHateTragedy. its one of my favorite albums right next to Infest. im sure you dont need my approval, but BRAVO. HOWEVER, one of my favorite songs (dead cell) was played second to last, and i was so exhausted from moshing all night and fighting off 15 people for that first towel you threw out (and thanks to security stepping in, I GOT IT!!!!!!!!) that i couldnt even manage to fuck anything up for that song. either way......it was a PHENOMINAL show. cant wait for your triumphant return!!!!! lets REALLY fuck some shit up!!!!!!!!

  9. admc avatar

    On Jun 17, admc said:

    You guys should really bring back M-80. Also, I haven't heard Dead Cell live in a while.

  10. Cabogirl1013 avatar

    On Jun 14, Cabogirl1013 said:

    How about "Be Free"??? I used to love hearing that song performed live.

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