Wed, May 18, 2011 at 5:45 PM By: Jacoby Shaddix aka Jacobo Insonico

so last blog i was venting and i got so much positive response. really hepled me gain perspective. it always seems when i say whats on my mind its the right thing to do. i need you guys!!!! thanks
on another notewe have had some of the most amazing shows latley. kansas city rock fest will go down in history as one of the best in my mind. right when we stepped on stage the sun finally came out. it was a sign in my eyes, the rock gods were saying hello!!!! i could feel the connection so deep!!!!!! plus to see a bunch of good friends was awesome. it was a great afterparty!!!! then the next day we did pointfest with korn and many others and we slayed again. we are so blessed to have such great fans!!!! thank you guys!!!!!!


  1. Mariya Kadatskaya avatar

    On Apr 20, Mariya Kadatskaya said:

    Ukraine loves you, come here quick!!!

  2. kolkate1 avatar

    On Jan 16, kolkate1 said:

    Hey guys, Russia loves you! Come here again!!!

  3. blessthecourtney avatar

    On Jul 16, blessthecourtney said:

    Kansas City loves you guys! Can't wait to see you in August!

  4. Vick Raele avatar

    On Jun 02, Vick Raele said:

    I can't wait to see you here in Sao Paulo <3

  5. Jacoby Adam Bennington avatar

    On Dec 05, Jacoby Adam Bennington said:

    I was the first one to borrow you guys' new album from the local library, and I'm gonna blast it in my ears for the whole time I have it.

  6. ANGIEPACE27 avatar

    On Oct 03, ANGIEPACE27 said:

    The new albun The Connection Rocks!! Thanks for the new music! Keep Rockin Hard!

  7. LillySixxx avatar

    On Sep 24, LillySixxx said:

    We love you jacoby :) you rock

  8. M11 JTA avatar

    On Sep 11, M11 JTA said:

    hello mate when the fuck are you guys gonna come to aberdeen/ scotland ??

  9. KaRii avatar

    On Aug 02, KaRii said:

    I love You

  10. sickbeatz88 avatar

    On Jul 24, sickbeatz88 said:

    The first song of yours that I heard was "Scars". I didn't know who sang it, but I knew that I was never going to be the same person again. At the time, I was going through a tough time. Someone I deeply care about had become an alcoholic, and would not admit to herself or anyone that she had a problem. I tried so hard to help her, but only ended up getting myself hurt in the process. I kept trying though, doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. I wanted so badly to fix it for her, so emotionally, I took responsibility for her and her situation. It only made things worse, especially for me. At first a girl who only listened to whatever was popular (AKA meaningless, overplayed songs on pop radio stations), I heard "Scars", and the song became my one safe haven - when I felt depressed and had no one to talk to, listening to that song got me through it. I can now proudly say that I only listen to music if I, as an individual, find it meaningful and pleasant to hear. Papa Roach is my number one favorite band, and I don't necessarily believe in a specific higher power, but music is the one thing I have a definite spiritual connection with, especially songs that are not surfacey, but have genuine emotion in them. Every Papa Roach song fits in that category, and I can relate, to some extent, to every song you have written. I can honestly say that "Scars" saved my life. If I didn't have that one thing to turn to, I don't know where I would be today. It made me realize that I was not alone, and that other people had been or were currently facing the same things I was. I knew that if others had gotten through it, I could as well. Thank you, Jacoby Dakota Shaddix, for saving my life. Keep writing music; I look up to you and you inspire me, since I hope to go into the music business as a singer and songwriter at some point in my life. No matter what others think, say, or do, I will never stop appreciating you and being a fan of your music. I have never met you, but through your music, I feel as if I know you on an emotional level, and what I am seeing is a kindhearted, caring, courageous, daring, strong willed individual with a lot of talent. You seem like the type of person I would kick it with, if I ever got the opportunity. If I had the chance to meet any person that had ever lived, you would be my first choice. You are my greatest inspiration, and I really, truly hope to meet you in the near future, or at least sometime before I die. Thank you, once again, for saving my life and making me a changed woman-stronger, wiser, and confident in myself as an individual. 
                                        -A hopeful teen girl who has been there, done that...
    PS: I wrote you a letter that I gave to someone you work with at the Stratton Myers Park Flaming Gorge Days concert in Green River, Wyoming on June 23rd. I really hope it got to you, and if it did, I would love to hear back from you. The letter was in a makeshift envelope made of pink construction paper and lots if tape, and inside it, along with the letter, was a pendant, a drawing, a poem and a song that I wrote, and my contact information. Thanks again!  :)

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