1. zzajeckicajecc avatar

    On Jun 04, zzajeckicajecc said:

    always when I have a bad day, I'm reading this and everything it's way better ;) your concert on Woodstock was the best ever, and now in a few days - see you in Krakow and Poznan :)

  2. Meg Aprill avatar

    On Dec 16, Meg Aprill said:

    Polish fans are proud of ourself that u like our crowd.:) Come back again on Woodstock! and we will rock's again!

  3. MissRoach4Ever avatar

    On Aug 01, MissRoach4Ever said:

    Hey jacoby Happy b-day sweety please i wanna see you in argentina... what part? mendoza!! so i will have the chance to meet you... lol u will make my wishes com true... Love you...

  4. pharea avatar

    On Jul 29, pharea said:

    Come back to Polish Woodstock! We waiting for you!

  5. Demolka avatar

    On Apr 05, Demolka said:

    Does anyone know if papa roach will be in this year on woostock?! They promised :P - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdWr7jVy5Cg - 4:45

  6. Sherryberry avatar

    On Mar 08, Sherryberry said:

    Hey Jacoby! I was lucky enough to meet you backstage after the Dawson Creek concert. You were a blast! I hope you took my advice regarding the b*** job and how it needs to be a mutual thing......:) Anyway I have a great pic of about 11 of you guys from that night and as the picture was being taken one of you said it would "Make a Great group shot" It did make a great shot and I would like to share it with you guys but dont know where or how....any suggestions? You guys were a great people by the way. Thanks for that! Sherry :)

  7. GettingAwayWithPapaRoach avatar

    On Mar 03, GettingAwayWithPapaRoach said:

    Yes you all need to come back to europe (holland ^^)
    I need to see you live it's makes me happy whahaha ;)
    I can't wait...
    And i need a new picture with you all ^^
    (sorry for my very bad englisch whaha)

  8. AmyShaddix avatar

    On Feb 11, AmyShaddix said:

    Hey Jacoby, and the rest of the guys

  9. BlueWater avatar

    On Jan 27, BlueWater said:

    how sweet =)

  10. tears dont fall avatar

    On Dec 27, tears dont fall said:

    ur the fucking awsome ur th ebest singer ever

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