1. papa_roach_rocks666 avatar

    On Jul 29, papa_roach_rocks666 said:

    i hate posers
    anyway i start calling the radio
    (: lol.
    i love you Jacoby.

  2. Shyanne(: avatar

    On Jul 16, Shyanne(: said:

    the guy posing as you on myspace talks about how he loves his kids but loves pretty ladies..and all that junk.my best friend added that jerkoff on myspace and i'll let her know it wont you...i love you Jacoby (:

  3. echa pa'lante avatar

    On Jul 03, echa pa'lante said:

    uh oh, i requested to be a friend of yours on myspace but it's not you, my bad.

  4. echa pa'lante avatar

    On Jul 03, echa pa'lante said:

    Will do! I listened to "had enough" on line and it's awesome! I also like "hollywood whore" :) you fellas make some awesome fuckin music :)

  5. Shaddix_Gurl21 avatar

    On Jun 01, Shaddix_Gurl21 said:

    Yeah I know how that goes with Facbook and Myspace they havent done anything to put you or the band down...They keep it Cool and act as if u have an account and updating stuff like u do on this site no worries ^_^ Do not think this is one of them i have just had idiot friends thinking they can findya there

  6. deann_marshall avatar

    On May 25, deann_marshall said:

    LOL..I just plug Papa Roach into Pandora and listen to them commercial free!

  7. deann_marshall avatar

    On May 25, deann_marshall said:

    Hell to the yeah! Im calling NOW!

  8. xXGhostQueen13Xx avatar

    On Mar 28, xXGhostQueen13Xx said:

    c'mon guys call up all your local rock stations and DEMAND them to play had enough you all know its such a good song so c'mon!!!!

  9. [L] Rockin [K] avatar

    On Mar 28, [L] Rockin [K] said:

    Jacobyy @@@@
    I will broo =D
    All cmon let's make it a great hit cuz u know... It's a Freakin Great Song @@@@

    Pfff screw that facebook nerds 0.0
    they just wanna be you bro,

  10. paparoach_rock the world avatar

    On Mar 17, paparoach_rock the world said:


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