1. Love-That-Fucker avatar

    On Jun 18, Love-That-Fucker said:

    Ahah .. ! Mkaiis. Everyone Want That Dick I Think.. ! xD

  2. Rachel Shaddix avatar

    On May 09, Rachel Shaddix said:

    I'd love some of that dic, sexy!!



  3. SaveAHoPalermo avatar

    On Jan 20, SaveAHoPalermo said:

    i cant find that song anywhere omfg...luv the clip of u makin it but wanna hear the whole thing! luv ur dick always ...

  4. michellelj avatar

    On Dec 01, michellelj said:

    i would like to have some of that dick

  5. djshadder avatar

    On Nov 27, djshadder said:

    I am new to this site. I look forward to hearing the new song. I am a huge fan111

  6. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Sep 14, Hybrid911 said:

    COBY YOU AIN'T POSTED IN A WHILE! MISSS YA! it's been nearly a year since Manchester!

  7. Vivalaselvis avatar

    On Sep 13, Vivalaselvis said:

    Hey there,

    It sounds like it is good to be the King!

    Will you guys be back in Boston. I am a new convert thank's to a friends invite to your show at the end of August and I need another fix. Loved it!

    PS -I can get much better looking strippers!!

  8. between angel and insect avatar

    On Sep 13, between angel and insect said:

    Hey Jacoby! I just have to say that you're fucking amazing! You have such an emotional voice; it's perfect. I wish you guys would come to Canada! Preferably Ottawa, but that's probably doubtful. Anyways, I hope you write another blog soon. You're comments are crazy! In a good way

  9. lelandmm avatar

    On Sep 12, lelandmm said:

    See ya on Saturday at the Lunatic Luau in Virginia Beach!

  10. susan necole avatar

    On Sep 12, susan necole said:

    You know you R a "Kick ass fucker!" I miss you guys and I can't wait to see ya'll in "Knoxville, TN"! It's been a while and I've been going crazy without my "ONE ON ONE PAPA ROACH TIME"! Hahaha.... The "Knoxville tickets" place fucked up and sent me a balcony ticket instead of the floor ticket I paid for but I will do everything I can to get on the floor with you guys. I will see you in GA too. See ya Friday after the concert. "MEGA FUCKIN' LOVE" to all of you. "Girl with Fangs"

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