1. echa pa'lante avatar

    On Jul 03, echa pa'lante said:

    i know what you mean, i've seen stained in concert and they fuckin rocked and seether was awesome too... they were better live but you guys blew me away, i thought ya'll sound awesome on CD but you're like 10 times better live!! :) keep being sexy jacoby! :) and making them hits for all of to enjoy! we thank you guys from the bottoms of out toes! :}

  2. TakumaDemonReborn avatar

    On Dec 17, TakumaDemonReborn said:

    happy belated thanks giving to you coby

  3. Kendall_Kadabra avatar

    On Aug 11, Kendall_Kadabra said:

    i know wut u mean.bands r the best shit ever on cds but live they suck dick!!!i agree with on the other thing to.when u risk ur life it makes u realize how alive u are!!

  4. 666blackroses666 avatar

    On Jul 11, 666blackroses666 said:

    i hate it when that happens. im just glad that you guys are kickass on record AND live. now if only i could make it to one of your concerts...

  5. JacobyShaddixRoxxMySoxx avatar

    On May 28, JacobyShaddixRoxxMySoxx said:

    Bands are like that but.....YOU GUYS!!!! Wow....
    I went to see A7X, my other fav band, and like you guys were there to...DUR, you'd know that but i was SURPRISED! You guys ROCK! It was crazy! I wish it coulda lasted FOREVER! It went by SOOO fast!! :(

  6. Fluffnation avatar

    On May 25, Fluffnation said:

    slipknot is like that so is a7x

  7. ScarsofBev avatar

    On May 15, ScarsofBev said:

    yeah i know what you mean about the bands being live, they do sound shit and nothing like their records.
    My chemical romance is one of those band.
    such bullshit.
    seen them twice, both times they were shit.

    but yeah, cnt wait to see you in june :)


    Bev xx

  8. Brodey avatar

    On Apr 21, Brodey said:

    You guys make every other band look and sound like shit! Every time i see you in concert you guys rock the shit out of it! Any other band just looks like shit after seeing you guys. I guess they don't get that it's a fucking ROCK SHOW. Your suposed to get crazy and fuck shit up!

  9. Aradia avatar

    On Mar 14, Aradia said:

    of all the bands that I've seen live you guys have the most energy BY FAR. you're the only one that I've seen jump down into the crowd since I was in high school.... it was a damn good show & I'm anxious to see you guys again

  10. katiecorvette9 avatar

    On Feb 22, katiecorvette9 said:

    As a matter of fact, yes. I saw you guys with A7X, Buckcherry, and Saving Able in Spokane. I was really impressed with Saving Able because I wasn't sure I was going to like them. But Buckcherry on the other hand... SUCKED. You guys deffinetly set the bar really high and they didn't even ome close!

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