what is going down....

Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 3:04 PM By: Jacoby Shaddix aka Jacobo Insonico

canada has been rad just cold as fuck!!!! cant wait for tonights show in montreal its sold out so its gonna be off the chain. crowds here go off!!!! if your bored a want to check out something new there is a show ive been diggin called shameless..... wow great show.

got a new hobby as well just got into skiing good times. any of yall ski???

super stoked about RAID THE NATION....... so if you wanna see us better come out in force cause this is the last US run till mid 2012. lets get it on!!!!! oh yeah we are #5 on active rock with BURN so thanks a bunch...... but, call your local station to request it lets go # 1!!!!!!!

be well my roaches
jacoby aka jacobo insonico

  1. Katelyn Wawrzyniak avatar

    On Jun 27, Katelyn Wawrzyniak said:

    i can only wish to see you live and in person love you jacoby

  2. -_xUntouchedx_- avatar

    On Oct 06, -_xUntouchedx_- said:

    DUDE. You posted this in my birthday!!! :DDD
    And I ski!! But I'm pretty awful...

  3. papa roach fan#1!! avatar

    On May 01, papa roach fan#1!! said:

    love u paparoach,ur the best band ever!hope someday i can come 2 a consert!my mom went ot 1 in molin!(lucky)..love u papa roach!!!

  4. LadyRoach92 avatar

    On Apr 01, LadyRoach92 said:

    I can't wait until the show at the Warehouse in Houston, TX. I've seen you guess there several times, and it makes me all the more excited to see you guys...especially since I missed ya'll when ya'll came back for Buzzfest. SO F-ING EXCITED! Like you don't understand. That show is also on my mom's birthday...she's hoping that you'll let us come backstage as a birthday present. HAHA

  5. MelB avatar

    On Mar 25, MelB said:

    Loved your show in Montreal! I hadn't seen you guys since you were in Vermont a few years ago and did the private acoustic show at the Burlington waterfront! My boyfriend works for 99.9 The Buzz in Burlington and they are definitely playing your new hit, Burn, let's make it #1! You guys are awesome!!

  6. PaPa_RoAcH_RoX05 avatar

    On Mar 25, PaPa_RoAcH_RoX05 said:

    Just got the tickets to Chico, gotta wait til my next check, hoping to get the tickets for Anaheim. Can't wait! U guys rocked in Sac on 2/25, can't wait to see u again. Seeing u live actually made my husband get more into ur guys' music LOL. See u at the show!

  7. Lady Decadence avatar

    On Mar 24, Lady Decadence said:

    You do know that skiing is for rich bitches right?

  8. R0CK0N211 avatar

    On Mar 24, R0CK0N211 said:

    I heard yu guys made it to #5 but I never actually saw it. I knew you guys could do it =)
    Im really hoping to see you guys on the grammys again sometimes soon... =)

  9. Bex95 avatar

    On Mar 23, Bex95 said:

    Wish i could go to the shows in Canada but i live across the Atlantic in Britain so thats not going to happen soon so i'll just see Papa Roach when all of you come over to Britain, maybe for Sonisphere 2011?? :P Glad to hear your starting to like skiing by the way because it's brilliant and everyone has to do it once, im going skiing next week in Europe!! :) You should come :P Enjoy the rest of the tour by the way!! Oh, and thanks so much for making me and my friends year at the Taste of Chaos tour in Glasgow by coming out in the freezing cold to meet us, so Thanks!!!

  10. paparoachisawesome! avatar

    On Mar 22, paparoachisawesome! said:

    I hope to you in mid 2012!! cause then i'll be 13! my birthday is in July.

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