1. echa pa'lante avatar

    On Aug 04, echa pa'lante said:

    i love you jacoby!! you're such a sexy mother!! haha :)

  2. AlenaALIVE avatar

    On Aug 03, AlenaALIVE said:

    Hey fucker!

    Just wanted to stop by and tell you about your three birthday videos. 136 fans came together to wish you a happy birthday. Check them out, please!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gbMk4qKKLA (Part 1)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfs--a6zkhs (Part 2)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YV8Nlv--Hg (Part 3)

  3. papagena avatar

    On Aug 03, papagena said:

    Coby ! Recording a concert on dvd from Poland : D

  4. Noelle1989 avatar

    On Aug 03, Noelle1989 said:

    Hey There :D

    I loved the show yesterday :D it was f*cking awsome :D and i`m realy happy that i had a change to meet you guys, youre realy sweet..

    I was realy surprised that you recognized me from the zwartecross :D i still cant beleve it :D
    Sorry if i was acting a little bit funny but i was so f*cking nurves .
    when fred gave me the vip laminate i couldnt even send a textmessage and couldn`t smoke a sigarett becous my hand were shacking :P

    Did you see the video of eline and my after the show? men my hair was a mess. haha it wasn`t the Noelle Fall enymore. LOL. but it was realy realy hot in the room, the securety tolld me that the airconditioning was on but i doubt it.
    I was happy that i could go in and out to smoke a sigerett and cool down.

    It sucks that i can`t come to the show of tomorrow :( it makes me sad :( but i have to work,i spend all my mony on the vip tickets but it was truly worth it!!! haha

    fred tolld me yesterday that you guys are (probable) doing a tour at december with Disturbed and i asked him if there vip tickets avalebal to, but if the are.. you will see me again!!

    I realy love you guys, yesterday was the best day of my life.
    My boyfriend give me the tickets for the show as a birthdaypresent, juni the 5e was my birthday and is was the best birthdaypresent ever!!

    So i`m off to my work :) i must make some mony so i can spend it on the next vip tickets LOL.

    I realy love you guys, keep on rocking !!
    Have fun at you`re staying in Holland :)

    Love and peace, Noelle

    Ps. the picture that fred maked yesterday, i gonna enlarge it and hang it above my bed :D

  5. PRoachIsLove04 avatar

    On Aug 02, PRoachIsLove04 said:

    Jacoby! Just wanted to say I saw you guys at Pointfest and you guys are AMAZING!!! Please come back to St. Louis soon! Papa Roach forever! :)

  6. papagena avatar

    On Aug 02, papagena said:

    Yours second show in Poland was more amazing and crazy than the first time !!! We hope that you will come back to us :D We want more, more, MORE :DDDD
    Cheers from Poland ;)

  7. blisblosbroks avatar

    On Jul 30, blisblosbroks said:

    '' you is not the mama '' !

  8. echa pa'lante avatar

    On Jul 29, echa pa'lante said:

    I love you jacoby!!! you're a sexy bitch that rocks my world!! :)

  9. JSdrtylilgrl avatar

    On Jul 28, JSdrtylilgrl said:

    Happy birthday Jacoby keep those kick ass lyrics coming love them can't wait for the new album very exciting !

  10. Sarah.Slaughter avatar

    On Jul 28, Sarah.Slaughter said:

    Happy birthday!!!! i fucking love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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