Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 8:13 PM By: JacobyFrEaK27

I have a fanfic site that I created a while back..
And I've finally been updating it!
I would really like some more writers!
If you are interested... please read below:

For those of you who do not know what fanfiction is,
it's where fans write stories about their favorite singer/actor/imaginary person (such as from a book or something).
If anyone wants me to post their story on it
(which I gladly will),
please send it to me in a email...
My e-mail is
when you send it to me, include...

1. The title
2. What you want your screen name to be
3. What it's about (romance, comedy, etc.)
4. Who it involves (if any other famous people are in this
story, include their name
5. contact information (for your fans),
6. rating
*E -everyone-,
*PG -parental guidance-,
*PG13 -must be at least 13 to veiw w/o a parent,
*PG17 -must be at least 17 to veiw w/o a parent-,
* NC-17 -must be 18 or older to read
7. Why it's rated what it is
8. And if there are going to be anymore parts (such as
part one, chapter one, etc.)

There is ONLY one rule...
it MUST be about at least one member of PAPA ROACH!
or it WILL NOT be posted.
Hope to see some stories from you soon... ~Paige

Check out the website!
Please send me some stories!

  1. PapaRoachGirl94 avatar

    On Mar 16, PapaRoachGirl94 said:

    Hm, I might be interested! I'll think about it! =)

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