It's been a LONG time

Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 12:36 AM By: JacobyFrEaK27

Since I've posted a blog.
Wow, how time flies by...

I'm in college now,
Doing great in that department.

Still writing..
Haven't posted anything new on my fanfic site for a while though,
I should really get on that. lol.

I have blue hair now,
And I'm working on growing it back out.

I know,
I'm boring...
But nothing really exciting has happened to me in a while..
Just the usual routine.
Fall in love, get comfortable, they break it off, mass depression, move on.

I was seeing a tattoo artist for a while...
Off and on for about 6 months.
So I have some cool new tats:
1. Papa roach tramp stamp
2. BIG chest piece. It's an anatomically correct heart that's cut in half
and sewn back together, the right side is a beautiful heart with an
angel wing, and the left side is a nasty rotting heart with a demon
wing. Shows the duality in all human nature. It's not finished yet, I
go get the heart worked on next Wednesday.
3. Dead cockroach on the back of my neck
4. Two hearts attached by strings with the words "My feelings for you
are forever" around them on my left shoulder blade
5. This design my little sister drew on my right forearm
6. A mommy dragon and 3 eggs representing my mom, and my two
little sisters and I on my right bicep
7. A black & green spider I named Borris on my left bicep

So yeah, other than getting tatted up and getting my heart stepped on, nothing really new has happened. I live a boring life :/

Later Days,

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    On Mar 16, ParKan said:

    Your right you are kinda boring. But its ok

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