SHE'S THE ONE! and other stuff hehe

Sat, Apr 2, 2011 at 5:47 AM By: xXAlexi "Syn" CorderoXx

God put her in my life for a reason! We... where meant to be :P hehe but yesterday I didn't get to see the love of my life but I just talked to her in the morning and started to txt her last night :( But I went to a baseball game and met ALOT of ppl I met online... THEY'RE SOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN MY ANNOYING FRIENDS!!!!! BEST THING! They're going to the high skool I'M GOING TO! :D hehehe well the bad news of me going there is that I won't see her often... but the high skool I'm going to is kindda nearby the middle skool so I'll go by... And my ex stopped annoying me thank God but my other ex(before my last ex) started annoying me txting me and shit last night.... I was like: GIRL IF I'M SO GAY? THEN WHY DID YOU GO OUT WITH ME DUMBFUCK?!? -.- man sum ppl are just ignorant and retarded assholes... oh well... I just don't mind cuz she's getting wats coming to her at high skool... "El Cuadro" is gonna fuk her up and good! xD hehe well now All I hafta say is I LOVE HER! lol well that's pretty much it hehehe xD

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