Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 1:33 PM By: xXAlexi "Syn" CorderoXx

No seriously man I'm like going out with this girl that likes like rap/reggae or sum shit like that.... And EVERYTIME I'm listening to music she asks: "What are you listening to?" Puts an earphone on her ear and quickly takes it out.... BUT Today Something Changed... I was listening to "The Fire" by Papa Roach and.... she asked the same thing, DID the same thing BUT she just kept listening... and then I stared at her... and I was like: "Are you ok?" She tells me: "What Do You Mean Babe?" I was like: "You didn't toss away the earphone like usual" She replies: "Sure I hate Rock but... I kindda like this song... I find it cute and romantic" And then I kindda giggled(Happens when I'm embarrased a bit so it's NOT gay xD lmao) a little and she gave me a small kiss :) hehe So yeah You! PAPA FUCKING ROACH! GOT HER TO LIKE ROCK!!!!!!!!! I OWE YOU GUYS BIG TIME! ;) ONE LOVE!!!!!!!

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