Can't I have something like I want it?

Sat, Mar 26, 2011 at 5:55 AM By: xXAlexi "Syn" CorderoXx

Well how can I put this? um... me and her are... like "secretly" together... or sumtin like that xD hehehehe and yea on that part it's going great! But the thing is that my ex... seems she saw me wit her and now she's fucking annoying me sending me txt all the time begging me to go back wit her! -.-' MAN! I commited the error of sending her these lyrics by Asking Alexandria: "Oh Baby, just maybe, you're not the one, YOU NEVER WHERE! It was all sympathy and simple of words of, NOTHINGNESS!!!" and now she's like bothering me ever since... and the girl I like is pissed about it now! >.< Man I'd totally kill that bitch! Can't she just move on and leave me alone? It's over u fucking bitch! ugh! Well they say for something good to happen, something bad must happen, and for something bad to happen, something good must happen >.< HATE THAT! Oh well let's hope I just go to high skool... but she's in 8th grade... so I'll go down over there to be with here from time to time... :/ Meaning I'll get bothered by that bitch also... oh well.... u hafta do sacrifices to get wat u want... -.- hehehe

  1. xXAlexi

    On Apr 02, xXAlexi "Syn" CorderoXx said:

    ik right.... and that's really weird.... I mean checking out my ex after dumping her.... that's just plain RETARDED! Point is I'm with sum1 better... I don't need that bitch fucking up my life no more >.

  2. Rihnosaurus-Rex xox avatar

    On Mar 31, Rihnosaurus-Rex xox said:

    Hey !

    That's like me with my ex, he dumped me cuz he didn't like my friends.
    Now he pervs me up, sits and looks at my ass, checks me out - y'know *up and down* etc.etc >.< and I really hate it, sometimes I wish that he could just leave me alone!

    It's like if he does them things, does it not mean he might like me?!
    Andd you shouldn't judge people for their friends, but like the person for themself.....

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