Merry Christmas!

Fri, Dec 25, 2009 at 8:59 AM By: IsMarinaTotalBanging

Wow.. My 14th Christmas and I don't know whether christmas is getting better or worse, What with the credit crunch and all!
Although almost everyone tries to seem like good people and say "oh yes, Christmas is about celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ" thats sorta the last thing your thinking about when its Christmas!

For me Christmas is about Food :) I'm not close with my family so its not about that, And I'm pretty much always let down with Christmas presents so for me Christmas means Food.
But Yeahh Enjoy Christmas whether your thinking about the Birth of Jesus, Your Family and Friends, Presents Or Food :)

The Main Highlight of Christmas this year for me was when my mate Maxwell phoned me :D He moved from Scotland to Luxembourg a while back, and we've only really contacted eachother Online so speaking to him on the phone made my day ^.^

Marina xxx

  1. Zacky's Beotch avatar

    On Dec 30, Zacky's Beotch said:

    yes, i must say i look forward to the food as well, but also the gifts, bring on the gifts (my fam sucks too)

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