1. Yu chan avatar

    On Jun 20, Yu chan said:

    Hi how r u?


    On Jun 03, MEXICAN PHYCO*KITTY said:

    hi=] hey whats up???

  3. technostar26 avatar

    On May 01, technostar26 said:

    Yo! Thanks for adding me up fellow P-Roach fan! \m/

  4. Yu chan avatar

    On Apr 05, Yu chan said:

    Hey, What's up?

  5. tears dont fall avatar

    On Apr 04, tears dont fall said:

    hey how are u ?? i am a dork but friendly do u wanna be friends

  6. Kasia avatar

    On Mar 23, Kasia said:

    Hey:) What's up?:)

  7. Yu chan avatar

    On Mar 22, Yu chan said:

    Hey What's up?

  8. tears dont fall avatar

    On Mar 21, tears dont fall said:

    hola i am ur mother and u will do as i say or no money for the rest of ur life i am a dork and ur a bad boy

    lol i am just lil high srry

  9. tears dont fall avatar

    On Feb 14, tears dont fall said:

    hey wuts up

  10. shychild8 avatar

    On Feb 12, shychild8 said:

    aww.... that's really sweet

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