I remembered the funniest shit yesterday...

Sat, Dec 17, 2011 at 9:24 PM By: JacobyHuggedMe!!

I know I never log in any more ever since P Roach Riot blended into paparoach.com so whoever reads this will probably have no idea who I am. But do any of you remember a few years ago when Papa Roach used to do live webcasts on Justin.tv while they were in the studio recording Metamorphosis, but they had the volume turned off so we couldn't hear, just watch? Do you remember when they turned on the volume for a little while to talk to the fans and Jacoby didn't know and he started talking shit to us because he thought we couldn't hear him?? Well yeah... for some odd reason I thought of that yesterday and I started laughing my ass off!! That was a really funny moment.

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