Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan. Update 2/4/10 From Mom

Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 7:49 PM By: Janelle

Hey everyone. Some of you know that I deal with a lot of well known people..just barely touch the edges of their lives with my job. I have been blessed with being close to a few of these people . Jimmy was one of those people who touches your life and you never forget. A laugh..a smile..a smart ass remark..I loved Jimmy as did so many of you. I think we all still do.

I spoke with Jimmy's mom today and she gave me permission to pass along information that will become public in the next couple weeks. So many of us wondered what happened and how. So here is just a little bit of information to make all of you Rev friends a little more peaceful.

She told me that the couple months leading up to Jimmys passing were amazing for everyone in his life. He had just bought a house, a new car and had a procedure to correct his eyesight. He was happy, very happy and just on top of the world. They got to spend a lot of time together and he was writing successfully. She called them "masterpieces" but didn't expound on it more than that.

The truth is..according to her.. Jimmy's heart just stopped. He went to sleep and he never woke up. That's it. He was not alone, he was..to quote her.."On top of the world" and just slipped away peacefully. The rumors of drugs and such are complete b/s. His wonderful heart just stopped in mid beat.

I feel humbled that she entrusted me with this and I asked her if it was alright to share this information with my son and others. She said that it touched her heart knowing how well Jimmy was loved and how many people he touched..and now those people have touched and reached out to the Sullivan family.

I would like to do something for them to tangibly show that Jimmy will forever be in our hearts and our minds Everytime it thunders, we can all imagine Jimmy beating the skins in the celestial rock band in the sky. I welcome suggestions and thoughts. I want to show them..and Jimmy's brothers..Brian, Zach, Matt and Johnny..as well as the extended family here (a lot of PR's people are great friends with A7x and their people) that he continues to touch us and always will.
So please, let's figure out a unique way to carry on Jimmy's legacy. Comment away.

As to the official coroners report, it still has not been released..Mom said that she has granted an interview with a close friend and that will be published soon. I will let you all know when I get the info on that more complete story before it goes public.

In my heart, I like to think that we all experience what we need to out of life..we learn and teach and when we have done all our soul needed us to do, we move on. I believe that Jimmy's soul knew it had nourished the world and perhaps it was time to move on and help somewhere else. His heart was so big and wonderful that it lived three life times in his short years. To know him..even to know about him..was to love him. Just watch the A7x videos and you'll giggle and laugh and just fall in love with him. I hear from others who knew him better than I that he was everyone's best friend. I want to be his bestie when I go, too.

Thank all..please help me think of something to build his memory.

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    On Feb 04, VictoriaxLeighh said:

    That is so nice. I'm sorry that I can't think of anything right now but the minute I do I will tell you. BRING ON THE THUNDER!!

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