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About Jayde Irene Ashford

Hi i'm Jayde, I don't really come on here very often so here's a bit about me... my actual favourite band is In Flames closely followed by Nevermore, while the band i've loved for the longest time is of course, Papa Roach. I've been a fan since I heard songs off Infest and bought my brothers copy off him, I fell in love with Lovehatetragedy and the rest is history. The one song I have an obsession over is 829 - now that is old school! my favourite song from Infest is probably Between Angels and Insects, although Life is a Bullet is my firm favourite Papa Roach song of all time. I was a member of TEEM back in the day (the shirts, lol!) & I also moderated on PRU (paparoachunit.com) for quite some time, but I haven't frequented that site for a while.. i'm neglecting my duties!!

I am on many websites... you can catch me on:

facebook (Jayde Irene Ashford), twitter (jaydeashford), blogger, wordpress (jaydeashford), deviantart (mycatharsis)... everywhere really :)

I moderate on Jesterhead.com - the official In Flames fansite and it is my favourite website, ever. In Flames mean a lot to me, they are the nicest guys ever.. and the one bad I have met and spoken to more than any other band... i've met them 3 times so I should know :)

I studey fine art photography at Camberwell College of Art (University of the Arts, London) and will be in my 2nd year come this September/October 2010 - I appreciate any form of creativity and I am inspired by many people - art is definately an escape for me.

add me, comment me, message me - whatever, i'm nice - honest!

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