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About Brotherly and Sisterly Love Forever:)

Hi my name is Jennavecia Haiden but you can call me Jenny!!I have an awesome twin brother and his name is Jake!!:),he is my other half that i will never let go of for as long as i live!!:)
My best friend is on here and her name is *@!!~ToBiN's CrAcKhEaD~!!@* and her real name is Daireya!!I'm 5'6 and have medium lengthed black hair!!I'm bisexual.I'm single now....and love every minute of it!!My birthday is the same day as tobin's!!:)....and i'm his sign!!Oh yeah scorpios rock!!
If you have any questions for me,just ask them,i don't bite!!
And if you want add me,just go ahead!!:)

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