A week of writing

Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 11:15 AM By: Jerry Horton

Sitting here in the house, thinking about what's gonna happen next week. We are going into the studio to write some new stuff, and I am getting anxious. I have no idea what it will be like, and don't know what we will come out with. I suppose that is the exciting part. We will be updating you guys (hopefully, daily) with what's going on, how we are feeling about it, and possibly video casting. Looking forward to it! Speak to you guys soon.


  1. Candush avatar

    On Aug 24, Candush said:

    love you guys

  2. Aurel4992 avatar

    On Jun 10, Aurel4992 said:

    thank you Jerry!! good luck for inspiration!

  3. ivarhcp4ever avatar

    On Jun 04, ivarhcp4ever said:

    Can't wait to hear the new stuff you guys are working on! :D You rock! :D

  4. Xxnathaliee.roachXx avatar

    On May 16, Xxnathaliee.roachXx said:

    why havent you guys been to australia yet !! :( ???

    please tour in australia, sydney this year !!

  5. Jacqueline87 avatar

    On May 07, Jacqueline87 said:

    cnt wait to hear new stuff good luck guys xx


    please add me i am new to papa roach and need friends please and thank you

  7. etech avatar

    On Apr 27, etech said:

    thank you

  8. crazed_seattleite avatar

    On Apr 11, crazed_seattleite said:

    Can't wait to hear you guys kick ass in Seattle, love you all.

  9. Danny74 avatar

    On Apr 07, Danny74 said:

    Can't wait to hear the new stuff you guys are working on!!!! You guys ROCK!!!!

  10. limartan2 avatar

    On Apr 06, limartan2 said:

    thank you!!!

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