1. tears dont fall avatar

    On Nov 10, tears dont fall said:

    i love u guys ur the best band ever

  2. #kim avatar

    On Aug 27, #kim said:

    I listen the songs of "Time for Annihilation" everyday *-*
    I waiting my CD arrive

  3. Jacobyshaddixlvr4568 avatar

    On Aug 07, Jacobyshaddixlvr4568 said:

    Im looking forward to the new album! xD

  4. paparoachisawesome! avatar

    On Aug 03, paparoachisawesome! said:

    Time For Annihilation is going to be great!!!!!!!

  5. atl_dreamer avatar

    On Aug 03, atl_dreamer said:

    the new song "no matter what" is amazing,i hope it comes in the charts.

  6. Lizzy0_0 avatar

    On Jul 29, Lizzy0_0 said:

    I got to see the guys in West Palm Beach, FL.... I completely fell in love with Jerry (YOU ROCK) thanks for thaking the pics with me.... can't wait for the new album.

  7. I love jerry horton avatar

    On Jul 08, I love jerry horton said:

    awesome guitar solo in kick in the teeth im still playin guitar

  8. p-roach78 avatar

    On Jun 25, p-roach78 said:


  9. Papa Roach Geezer avatar

    On Jun 07, Papa Roach Geezer said:

    Heard you played at the same gig as that new metal band halestorm and shinedown

  10. Emily561 avatar

    On May 01, Emily561 said:

    Just saw the West Palm Beach concert at Roxys fronttt rowww!!!!! amazinggg best guitarist ever

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