Rock Allegiance tour

Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 10:11 PM By: Jerry Horton

Here I am in my hotel room, in OKC with a bangover. First show is done, and now I probably have 3 more until my body isn't completely sore. See what I do for you guys? I am really excited about this tour, because we are already friends with all the bands we know, and are getting to know the rest. I will be starting a new photo blog soon. I'll post photos, both from the road, and more random stuff I find. It's been a hobby of mine for quite a while, and Stevie D. from BuckCherry has beaten it into my head that I need to share some photos. Don't look for any stuff from this tour for a while, though, because I am shooting film, and will probably wait until I get home to develop and scan everything. OK, now I'm rambling. I'll write more random things soon.


  1. bhouseknecht avatar

    On Apr 03, bhouseknecht said:

    SEE YOU IN MAY ON THE 8TH! ACCEPT MY REQUEST PLEASE! Love you all! Safe travels!!

  2. Unintended avatar

    On May 13, Unintended said:

    I really love you so much! Please guys come to Georgia! < 33

  3. Phillipr34 avatar

    On Mar 06, Phillipr34 said:

    Hi Jerry, I LOVE Papa Roach you and Jacoby are my idols, role models. I was wanting to start my own band and I was wondering if you had any motivational advice, (I am going to be the lead guitarist)

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