Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 9:41 PM By: Jerry Horton

Hey everyone, I am sure some of you know this, but we are going to Russia for the first time. It will be the first date of our second European tour, and we are all extremely excited. We know we have fans there, and now we finally get to play for them (you)! Thank you to everone in Russia for being patient with us over the years. I hope this show makes up for that. Peace!


  1. TakumaDemonReborn avatar

    On Dec 17, TakumaDemonReborn said:

    ever had a plan of coming to asia??

  2. Anna S avatar

    On Jul 27, Anna S said:

    I was not able to get to your concert because he was in Moscow, and I am from St. Petersburg, and therefore the ancestors did not let me on your show.
    Guys, come to St. Petersburg, there are also a lot of your fans =)

    Sorry for my English.

  3. Gajka avatar

    On Jun 25, Gajka said:

    russia luvs u guys )

  4. Jenny Vodka (Mamar) avatar

    On Jun 18, Jenny Vodka (Mamar) said:


  5. Nastya_Grimm avatar

    On Jun 11, Nastya_Grimm said:

    It was an amazing show! Thank you guys for your music.Russian fans love you and waiting for you again.

  6. Jen E. avatar

    On Jun 09, Jen E. said:

    eeee))) it was realy realy MEGA SHOOOOW!!!!!!!!!)))))))
    P.S.Especially last dance of Coby :DDD
    Thank you!!!! And come back at any time. We are always glad to you!

  7. Marinka avatar

    On Jun 08, Marinka said:

    THAT SHOW WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! THANK U ALOT )))) Would you come to Ukraine? =)

  8. Marvel avatar

    On Jun 05, Marvel said:

    It was awesome!!!

  9. Marvel avatar

    On May 22, Marvel said:

    Please WELCOME!
    Russia loves u guys!!)))

  10. Tanya1602 avatar

    On May 13, Tanya1602 said:

    I can`t belive it!!!
    but i`ll be at show in Moscow!!!
    It`s so COOOOOL!!! WELCOME!!!

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