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Sun, Jul 22, 2007 at 11:09 AM By: Jerry Horton

Hey, What's up, everyone. For those few here who used to read my tour diary, I will be doing it again, but now it's called a Blog. It's kind of crazy that I haven't done it in so long, that there is actually a new, widely-used word for it. OK, enough of the not really internal reflection. We have been on this Bad Boys of Rock tour for a little over a week, and it's been really cool. The crowds have been awesome, and we get along great with all the other bands. I feel like we all push each other to play our hardest, and get the crowd pumped. Buck Cherry is definitely a hard act to follow.

If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask. If it's something I don't know, I'll tell you. If it's something about Tobin, Jacoby, or Dave, hit them up.

Thanks to all you guys for buying the record, spreading the word, and coming out to the shows. Talk to you soon.



Oh yeah, or those who don't have photos in their profiles, don't be lazy.  It just takes a couple of clicks.  It doesn't even have to be a photo of you. 

  1. eliab misael avatar

    On Feb 28, eliab misael said:

    hi here in mexico paparoach love, let me know when they come to mexico?

  2. eliab misael avatar

    On Feb 28, eliab misael said:

    hola aqui en mexico paparoach love, let me know when they come to mexico?

  3. wastedyouth avatar

    On Nov 11, wastedyouth said:

    Jerry!!! Please don't cut your hair!! Grow it long.

  4. Perk avatar

    On Nov 09, Perk said:

    Hey i see you guys are coming to rockford. any possibility of coming closer to chicago?

  5. rock mom avatar

    On Nov 09, rock mom said:

    We are missing you guys already back in the UK. Wish we could come out to the states.
    Posting a piccie is easy, even for a mad mom like myself. X
    The Wolverhamton and Sheffield shows were awesome. Keep rockin.

  6. Amy M avatar

    On Nov 09, Amy M said:

    Thanks for signing a picture for my daughter Taylor.You guys made one 10 yr old girl very happy.

  7. JadedAngel avatar

    On Nov 02, JadedAngel said:

    You really played hard last night at the Fillmore in Detroit! This was the best papa roach experience I've had!! I really felt the energy last night, you guys always put on a great show but this one topped them all in my book =D Thanks for coming out after and signing autographs and taking photos! You guys are so cool and down to earth and that's why you have the fans that you do!

    and p.s. I seen you guys play at crue fest when buckcherry was there and you guys really pumped us up. I think buckcherry knows what they have when they play with you guys!!

    Take care!

  8. lisa avatar

    On Oct 24, lisa said:

    COME BACK TO MANCHESTER OR SOMEWHERE CLOSE BY PLEASE??????!!!! we ended up in hospital after that last show. RULED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ateenas_Ladiv avatar

    On Oct 17, Ateenas_Ladiv said:

    I've tried to put a photo on my profile numerous times but it won't work, i dunno why i think it has something to do with the URL thing. :-(

  10. tenaya avatar

    On Oct 12, tenaya said:

    heyaaaaa jerry....can't get pic to load....will keep workin...idk. my daughter&i saw you in your hometown....LOVED you. any plans on when you might be back????????

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