Songs vs Cd's (Records as I like to call them)

Thu, Jul 26, 2007 at 12:50 AM By: Jerry Horton

I think this is where I start to show my age.  I still listen to full records.  I think a lot of people nowadays only pick a couple of songs, and then wonder about the rest.  I'm not talking shit, I just think that you should consider the song only a small piece of the puzzle that is the record.  Songs have meaning, but so do records. Records also take you on a journey.  Well, I should rephrase that.  GOOD records will take you on a journey.  I suppose it depends on the standpoint, and intentions of the artist.  Many pop acts are only concerned about a few singles, and then use filler songs.  We have some old-school fans here, and on other message boards criticizing what we are doing now, and are dissapointed in the fact that we are no longer focused on writing songs about teen angst.  We couldn't do that forever, or we would end up being a parody of ourselves.  We as artists have to push things forward, with the hope that people who are fans of our art will understand where we are coming from, and appreciate it.  But I digress.  

If you like a song by an artist, give the record a couple of chances.  If most of it sucks, then by all means, keep the one or two songs.  In more cases than not, though, you will find that a record will grow on you, and you will listen to it over and over again all the way through.  I know I am speaking from a biased standpoint, but I believe anyone who considers him/herself a music lover will really dig into an artist's work, and feel what that artist is at its core.  Thanks for listening. 

  1. TakumaDemonReborn avatar

    On Dec 17, TakumaDemonReborn said:

    both are good

  2. @BassNachosTacos avatar

    On Dec 16, @BassNachosTacos said:

    their life**

  3. @BassNachosTacos avatar

    On Dec 16, @BassNachosTacos said:

    Musicians write about what's going on in your life, your not in highschool anymore people need to shut up and deal. <3

  4. Taco avatar

    On Jan 11, Taco said:

    me to, but i think all the cds rock, i just can't stop listening if ya now what i mean! yeah!!!

  5. lizfantasia516 avatar

    On Dec 17, lizfantasia516 said:

    i notice a lot of times with pop singers, they have two okay songs on the whole album. but i wont even single out pop, cuz every genre has some bands that try to pull off a crappy record with a couple good hits. i think people are so hesitant to buy full albums now because that happens so often. it sucks paying 20 bucks to listen to a hit single, and thats it. i really loved paramour sessions because you guys really did put a lot of meaning into the whole album. the same goes for your other albums as well. there aren't many bands that i can listen to their entire album. and as far as you guys going in a new direction...its totally understandable. peoples lives take new directions. music grows with the artist. people need to understand that!

  6. LifeEcho avatar

    On Dec 12, LifeEcho said:

    I agree with u all the way man. Music is about exploring. If everything sounded the same it would suck ass. I think that you guys have done a great job in keeping us the fans happy. Every album u guys have done is something different from the last. and thats why i think u guys are flipping awesome.

  7. KellyTheFallen avatar

    On Dec 11, KellyTheFallen said:

    I must say I agree completely =]

  8. kewldeziner avatar

    On Nov 18, kewldeziner said:

    I'm your age and love the experience of the whole album. The artwork within the pages, the lyrics, the entire experience is something you don't get from a single song(download). You can relate the feeling of the songs to events in your own life. I wasn't a huge fan of yours until I saw you in concert. The energy you guys put off made me feel a bit young again. I was instantly hooked. I bought The Paramour Sessions. Then went went and bought Lovehatetragedy and Infest. My next will be Getting Away With Murder. Keep on rockin'.

  9. !Ducky! (Broken) avatar

    On Oct 20, !Ducky! (Broken) said:

    If people don't like records(or cds) they need to get over themselves every good band deserves some support

  10. Janelle avatar

    On Sep 29, Janelle said:

    I agree with you, Jerry. Everything is open to interpretation, of course, but The Paramour Sessions tells a story to me, personally. So much so that I visualize each song. And don't worry about the age th ing, "records" are coming back. Everyone's going to be using that term again.
    What so many of the younger people forget is that they - like all of us are getting older and will be able to relate to life at each of it's many stages. Your growth as musicians has been exciting to watch and listen to. I only look forward to more growth.!

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