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Thu, Jan 24, 2008 at 12:26 PM By: Jerry Horton

Hey, everyone.  I have been talking with my brother and my dad about getting our Coat of Arms tattooed for a while, and we finally did it. It took us a while to figure out which was the correct one, and we added a little something extra to each one to make it personal to us.  We actually were able to get them all done at the same time, at the  same shop.  We are in the peeling stage right now, so it's kinda gross, but this photo is from when it was just finished.  Check it out in our Flickr.  Let me know  what you all think.  PEECE!

  1. jasminefischer avatar

    On Mar 08, jasminefischer said:

    a-mazing tattoo! it looks fantastic :)

  2. pixiestix avatar

    On Feb 27, pixiestix said:

    The tattoo is awesome and I can't believe that it was just done when you took that picture! Your arm doesn't look sore or red. Amazing!

  3. Lady_Cockroach avatar

    On Feb 19, Lady_Cockroach said:

    hey dude!
    i love your new tatoo!
    thats so cool. and it looks verry great.

    rock on and have a good time!

  4. xsamanthax182 avatar

    On Feb 06, xsamanthax182 said:

    Wow your Tat is awsum! bet that took 4ever??? lol mine took 30mins that was enough for me lol. Got 2 watch simpson tho while i had it done hehe:)

  5. msmarytalt avatar

    On Feb 04, msmarytalt said:

    Whatever makes you happy man. Thanks for making me so happy.

  6. Rock-Girll avatar

    On Feb 04, Rock-Girll said:

    it looks awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Katerine avatar

    On Feb 03, Katerine said:

    Hey !
    I just love to the dead ur new Tattoo ...
    is sooo amazing ... !!!
    i like it sooo much ... !!!
    I know ur bro and ur dad has the same ...
    but ...
    You will say "why Katerin ask me that?" ... but ... I want to know ...
    the words in ur Tattoo r in Latin ??? ...
    and ... I ask cos i'm studing Modern Languages ... and I know a lil' about Latin ... But ... I can't see well the words in ur Tattoo ... !
    jajajaja ... !

    Kisses ! ...

  8. punkwithink avatar

    On Jan 30, punkwithink said:

    Love the tat!! Great color!

  9. iluvrocknroll425 avatar

    On Jan 29, iluvrocknroll425 said:

    sweet tat man! keep on rockin! : P

  10. bigmikenatx avatar

    On Jan 29, bigmikenatx said:

    Ayo that $hit is tight !!!!!!!!!!!! Hope is all your way bro and the rest of the band!

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