Live from the Paramour

Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 12:44 AM By: Jerry Horton

What's up, y'all! Here we are, at the Paramour again. This place is still amazing, and inspiring. We have music for 5 songs done already, and we have only been here a week! BTW, don't ask me any questions here, because we will pick the questions from the RIOT campaign to answer every week. So, I am sure there are tons of things you want to know, but I can only give you insight to a few things. Some things must remain secret, and others, I don't know about... For some reason, I am good at being vague. I am sure you guys have heard, but we are doing the record with Jay Baumgardner again. We are excited about the direction we are going, and the plans we have for the recording process. We have been writing about 10 hours a day, on average, and are obviously being extremely selective. It is normal for us, but with every record, we know a little more about what we are doing, what we want, and how to get it (musically, of course). We will also be more involved with RIOT. You may even see a post from Tobin. ;) We talked with the BKWLD guys today, and there are some really great things in store for RIOT, and I can't really talk about it, but it all will amount to more ways for us to stay in touch with you guys. I look forward to seeing your questions, and hopefully they will be answered soon. Until next time..... PEECE!

  1. TakumaDemonReborn avatar

    On Dec 17, TakumaDemonReborn said:

    yeah that paramour place is awesome lol...great record!!

  2. awsome-dude avatar

    On Jun 27, awsome-dude said:

    you gust rock

  3. shinedown avatar

    On Mar 23, shinedown said:

    Man, at the rate you guys are going at it is going to be EXTREMELY hard to keep making better albums.

  4. shinedown avatar

    On Mar 23, shinedown said:

    Man, at the rate you guys are going at it is going to be EXTREMELY hard to keep making better albums.

  5. Harveyy avatar

    On Mar 15, Harveyy said:

    hey i cant wait 2 hear ur songs on the new album i bet theyre gonna be fucking amazing!!!woo hoo

  6. JacobyFrEaK27 avatar

    On Mar 14, JacobyFrEaK27 said:

    It's awesome that you guys can come up with new songs that quickly. You guys make us feel special because you keep us updated on how you are doing. You guys are awesome... oh, btw, Happy late birthday Jerry. Your birthday is on the same day as my moms

  7. Dimarac avatar

    On Mar 09, Dimarac said:

    Thanks for the info, appreciate it! :D That's nice, you've already done music for 5 songs? In a WEEK? Oh my.
    Well, keep it up boys! Can't wait for the next album, it's gonna kick some ass. Do your thing at the Paramour, proach, and good luck!

    Regards, Hanna

  8. jasminefischer avatar

    On Mar 08, jasminefischer said:

    busy busy busy boys! good luck for everything, i'm stoked for the new album, i'll most probably cry when i get it, haha!

    and then come the days on end memorising all the words to the songs :D

  9. AllisonWonderland avatar

    On Mar 06, AllisonWonderland said:

    and the best part is... i have no doubt every one of these new songs will fuckin rock!!

  10. Lana avatar

    On Mar 04, Lana said:

    It's really exciting to see yours answers here, we know that PRoach have a lot of work, have their families! we value that you scare up some time to answer here!


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