Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 2:27 PM By: Jerry Horton

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you guys know I will try and post here more often. I have been focusing on twitter and facebook, but this is OUR community, and you guys should be our priority. Going to a signing right now in Calgary, then a show tomorrow night. Please don't forget to post show reviews! See you guys soon!

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    On May 29, DeadCellPunk said:

    OK. err der. naturally blonde but thats not the only thing workin against me. i can use the site with my default browser (IE9), but in order to view the forum i have to open up google chrome. which i do from time to time, but not every visit to the site, *sorry!* so i have found the post where show reviews go *L*
    funny im still a bundle of nerves & jitters since that night, i get very dumbfounded when im starstruck & i couldnt think of one worthwhile thing to say!
    & i still dont have my car back :\

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    On May 27, DeadCellPunk said:

    Hi Jerry Sweetie I would be so delighted to write & post a show review for PAPA ROACH for Watertown, NY 05.25.2011. im sure U already know U guys made my nite UNFORGETTABLE, but the show was - well, for now ill just say that I LOVED IT! im sure ive said this a zillion times - but ill save the rest for my review.
    So where is it, Jerry Dear, that U want these show reviews posted?

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    On Apr 24, b med said:

    Jerry I know you will know who this is but I had to get this out. We had a meet and greet at Cluch Cargos Pontiac Mi. I am handicap and could not go downstairs for the meet and greet. The band came to us on the main floor. We got a total of about 3 minutes We paid good money and got blown off by the band a whole three minutes. Never again will we do a meet and greet and it will be a very long yime if not for ever that we see papa roach again this is said but beingblown off and there road person not knowing how to there job is heart braking for my wife. $300 per person to be treated that way oh well no more repeat offenders as jacoby call them we bid you farewell Beth and Harold

  4. VIProach avatar

    On Mar 28, VIProach said:

    I love Papa roach!!!!

  5. VIProach avatar

    On Mar 28, VIProach said:

    I love Papa roacH!!!!!

  6. Michelle2011 avatar

    On Mar 16, Michelle2011 said:

    man that would suck big time i thought u got at least 30 min with them?

  7. Anabelle avatar

    On Mar 16, Anabelle said:

    that's great... people seem to have stopped "living" in the site since you guys stopped posting as often as you used to in the begging (oh the riot days :D)... i even stopped checking the website out for a while, but now i'm back, i kindda missed it :/ good to know you guys haven't completely forgotten about us.
    Viva La Cucaracha

  8. Michelle2011 avatar

    On Mar 15, Michelle2011 said:

    It would mean a lot to us fans....glad u blog and keep in touch with your fans Jerry..:)

  9. JacobyFrEaK27 avatar

    On Mar 14, JacobyFrEaK27 said:

    My boyfriend and I just went and seen you guys in Pontiac, MI.
    You guys blew the ROOF of the house!
    The show itself was FANTASTIC with a crazy amount of energy!

    But the whole V.I.P. thing kind of sucked...
    My bf and I drove up from Elkhart, IN...
    Which is 3 hours and 45 min away.
    And I paid for both of the passes,
    So that was 400 dollars....
    For literally 2 minutes of your guys's time.
    I LOVE being able to hug you guys and all,
    but that V.I.P. session was kinda a letdown...

  10. Hahliiyra avatar

    On Mar 12, Hahliiyra said:

    I was at the signing at Axe Music in Calgary... and was so happy to be able to finally meet you and tell you what Papa Roach means to me. Thank you guys for being MY "Lifeline". *Hugz* Xoxo

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