Thanks to the 33 fans..

Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 9:51 PM By: Jerry Horton

Who made the video for me. It meant a lot. You guys rock!

  1. PapaRoachPunk avatar

    On Mar 30, PapaRoachPunk said:

    You're welcome. Always fun to take part. Jacey rocks!!

  2. VIProach avatar

    On Mar 28, VIProach said:

    I love Papa roacH!!!

  3. R0CK0N211 avatar

    On Mar 24, R0CK0N211 said:

    I was in it =). JAcey did great again =). Im really glad you liked it... =)

  4. PapaRoachisLife avatar

    On Mar 16, PapaRoachisLife said:

    Jacey (PapaRoachGirl94) is the girl who made all the birthday videos for all of you. It was her idea and she put in the work. We just put in our 2 cents. Im really glad that she decided to do the birthday videos. thats dedication, and we all love her for what she does. It means alot to her that you saw it, it means alot to everyone that participated in the video. Thanks Jerry and we love you!

  5. Xxnathaliee.roachXx avatar

    On Mar 14, Xxnathaliee.roachXx said:

    will you guys be able to come to Australia this year ??
    you haven't been here in like 11 years now :(
    and i haven't seen PR live before and im DYING to see you :(( !!

  6. ROACH666 avatar

    On Mar 13, ROACH666 said:

    You're welcome!!!:)I hope you had a great day!!!\m/

  7. jsgirl91 avatar

    On Mar 12, jsgirl91 said:

    Your welcome! We love you!!

  8. Danny74 avatar

    On Mar 12, Danny74 said:

    I just wanted to say.... I seen you guys in Regina Mar 9th!!!! You guys were absolutely awesome.... you bring it every time you hit the stage!!! You definitely put on the BEST live rock show EVER!!!!! I've seen you 4 times in 3 years and can't wait until the next show!!!! Keep coming back to Canada pleaseeeeeee........ luv you guys!!!!!!!!

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