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Been married for 14 awesome years with my high school honey, best friend, and lover. She is my soulmate i couldnt imagine life without her! We have been through more of lifes trials than many. Have 5 wondeful children. Two of our children have a serious muscle disorder, one is diabetic they all are our angels that have tought us alot of lifes lessons, and to stick by each others side and you CAN overcome anything together. Believe in live life one day at a time and enjoy everyone of them days. My family comes first before anything to me. Take life one day at a time. Life can be crazy at times but when you just go with it and you have the love of your life right by your side it can be an awesome thing!!! My wife and i both have been p roach fans for a long time now, Wife alot more than me she has a huge thing for jacoby!!! Its all good though lol. Love music i feel music is a big part of life for you can always find songs that relate to you!!! We are now addicted to tattoos and our 14yr daughter is tattooing she is a great artist we both have tattoos done by her is the greatest feeling knowing i will always have a part of my daughter with me all the time!!!!! Well other than im a pretty easy going person and get along with practically everyone i love to have a good time.

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