READ!!!!! Good or bad poem?

Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 12:55 PM By: N0B0DY 3PIC

ok so the poem below i need your COMPLETE! Truth on this one!!! dont say Oh yea its good to make me fell good BE TRUTHFULLY!!!! PLEASE if your not truthfully...ill kill you :D haha ok heres the poem good or bad? if its good sending it to a really good friend if its bad -.- back to the books and im writing another one till its perfect!!!!

It’s no wonder I fell in love with you
from your gorgeous smile
to your long silky hair
your eyes makes me see fireworks
and when you sing its like a thousand angels are singing
When I try to describe you or your beauty
I can not find any words to describe them
From your ten toes to the hair on your head,
You are completely perfect
You are extremely gorgeous
When im around you I cant breathe or speak
You’re like an angel that fell from heavens gate
Even now im running out of things to describe you
So I think ill end it with
I Love You

  1. N0B0DY 3PIC avatar

    On Feb 22, N0B0DY 3PIC said:

    For my age what does that mean?

  2. N0B0DY 3PIC avatar

    On Aug 21, N0B0DY 3PIC said:

    haha!! :) Thanks Sundry!!!
    and she did love it i think :)

  3. Sundry♥ avatar

    On Aug 21, Sundry♥ said:

    And ignore Recklezz, it's probably just some old person that thinks they know everything and all kids should be seen and not heard, because this POEM is AMAZING!(:

  4. Sundry♥ avatar

    On Aug 21, Sundry♥ said:

    I love it(:
    Maybe here and there you could touch it up a bit but it sonds fantastic(:
    And I know no matter what she is going to love it(:
    Just because it's from you hon(:
    And it is beautiful(: ,

  5. N0B0DY 3PIC avatar

    On Aug 18, N0B0DY 3PIC said:


  6. ^forever lost^ avatar

    On Aug 18, ^forever lost^ said:

    dont listen to recklezz =P she doesnt know what she talking about!

  7. N0B0DY 3PIC avatar

    On Aug 18, N0B0DY 3PIC said:


  8. Recklezz avatar

    On Aug 18, Recklezz said:

    that's no poem to me, but it's cute... for your age

  9. N0B0DY 3PIC avatar

    On Aug 18, N0B0DY 3PIC said:

    Thanks jsgirl :)

  10. jsgirl91 avatar

    On Aug 17, jsgirl91 said:

    I think that its amazing!! I honeslty love it!!

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