bad news :/

Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 6:18 AM By: N0B0DY 3PIC

hey not going to be on papa roach much anymore...
my parents are being...parents...annoying like always and there literally going to be watching me on my computer i wont be on here much any more :( so ill miss you guys....maybe..... :D

so if u want u can add me on fb if u have one!
my email is and my pic is zombieland.... :D ok guys talk to you later

  1. S.I.D.Enemy avatar

    On Feb 18, S.I.D.Enemy said:

    At the beginning nobody knew that I´m regestrated here. But after a few days I had guilt feelings. I thougt to myself "GUILT?" Then I´ve told it my mom and she has asked me why I´ve told it her. I said:" I was guilty..." She said GUILTY? You only know this word from TV... she hasn´t belive me. At the end she didn´t care...:D

  2. paparoachisawesome! avatar

    On Sep 17, paparoachisawesome! said:

    DARN!!! im careful..i only go on when my moms not home!! :p

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