Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 6:20 AM By: N0B0DY 3PIC

Hey Yall sorry i havent been on for a while for got my password :D anyways, some of you ppl are probably wondering how my life is...well it FUCKING! sucks ok now that thats covered i just wanna tell u, im hungry, and im single BUT! not for long so HA! ok anyways heres a poem i wrote, it sucks yes i know but o well here it is... It's Called Lips Against Mine

You’ve been hurt someone times
You’ve been cut down and dragged
In the dirt, you’ve been left in the
Dark corner all alone to suffer
Just like me, but we don’t have to
Take that path no more
Just put your lips against mine
Baby I promise I won’t leave you
Ill love you forever and ever
Ill never break you down
Just but your lips against
Mine and ill give you my heart
Just please baby what ever you do
Don’t break my heart because ive
Been treated like dirt before ya
Baby press your lips against mine
We can go fast or slow
Its all up to you just let me
Show you I love you

  1. sarcastic pain avatar

    On Aug 03, sarcastic pain said:

    dude absolutly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love poetry too!

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