1. P-RoachFanSince6 avatar

    On Jun 12, P-RoachFanSince6 said:

    you got taliint

  2. Yu chan avatar

    On Jun 02, Yu chan said:

    I like the 2 drawing. It's cool

  3. Jacoby4eva avatar

    On Jun 01, Jacoby4eva said:

    goodness GIRL YOU GOT SOME TALENT THERE!, you are a really good drawer now! good job!!!

  4. *NiNjA*oTaKU* avatar

    On Jun 01, *NiNjA*oTaKU* said:

    thanks! ^_^

  5. HollisAVampire avatar

    On Jun 01, HollisAVampire said:

    wow those are amazing! :D

  6. Falassion avatar

    On May 31, Falassion said:

    That's really good! I love seeing drawings from people who like anime and manga, they seem to have more of a cute side to their drawings >.

  7. RawkStar Tifa avatar

    On May 31, RawkStar Tifa said:

    im just kidding i saw all ur drawings and theyr WAY betta then mines!!! i suck @ drawing!!! kewl =]

  8. Yu chan avatar

    On May 31, Yu chan said:

    I like...How makes you to put images?
    to see my drawing go on http://s901.photobucket.com/home/Mike56/allalbums

  9. Lisa loves Jacoby avatar

    On May 31, Lisa loves Jacoby said:

    No, I think you can draw really good (:

  10. RawkStar Tifa avatar

    On May 30, RawkStar Tifa said:

    hm....well....uh....i think its kinda sux......srry but i think u need 2 work on it more =[

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