1. Nikki..xo avatar

    On Jan 06, Nikki..xo said:

    Ohhh thats great news!
    i'm so stumped!
    I dont get this site anymore since its changed :S too confusing! lmao!!

  2. Nikki..xo avatar

    On Dec 05, Nikki..xo said:

    :O you idiot! lol
    I'm very random and urm hyper when i'm drunk, and can get very cuddly ; ) lol

  3. Nikki..xo avatar

    On Nov 25, Nikki..xo said:

    Awww how comes?
    Nahh it was a shitty boring weekend lol

  4. Nikki..xo avatar

    On Nov 22, Nikki..xo said:

    Yeah you should!! =D
    I'm good thankyu :) having a good weekend?

  5. Nikki..xo avatar

    On Oct 28, Nikki..xo said:

    lmaoo yeahh, i have a stud now though and most places you can work with a stud so thats aright :)
    how are ya?

  6. shychild8 avatar

    On Oct 15, shychild8 said:

    yeah it is. i love acting

  7. Nikki..xo avatar

    On Oct 10, Nikki..xo said:

    It didnt hurt that much actually :)
    but its a big ring, cuz of swelling, i can go back and he will put a smaller one in a week 4 me xD
    but now i need to find a job wher i can wear it lol

  8. shychild8 avatar

    On Oct 09, shychild8 said:

    mustardseed , it has 2 deal with the fairies from a mid-summer's night dream, like they're just girls in the play a mid-summer's night dream, and u get 2 see them back stage

  9. Nikki..xo avatar

    On Oct 02, Nikki..xo said:

    God your telling me,
    it's taking the piss now! xD lol
    I finally got my lip pierced! xD

  10. shychild8 avatar

    On Oct 01, shychild8 said:

    just chillen, hanging with friends, and also being in a play

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