2 days til PR, 20 til my brother comes home from the war!

Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 2:10 PM By: katie musser

so, papa roach is gonna be in Indiana in two days, and im so going to be there with Ashlee! we're gonna tear the shit outta that place. bahaha, isn't that right Ashlee? im sure you'll read this within the next 5 seconds of me posting it (; haha, well im pumped like a mother fucker right now! got yelled at today in geometry cause i said my teachers shape drawing looked like a chinese man.? he said it was racist to say that!? i was like mmh, its nott, because im chinese ;p even though im not (; ah, i get bitched at everyday in that class, cause my teacher says i talk too much ;) my teachers pretty hot though, i might have to sayy! :D
Andy comes home in 20 days, im pumped for that too! he took me to my first papa roach concert, where i freaked out cause i totally hand fucked Jacobys left arm ;D Hoping to meet the band after the show on friday! Me and Ashlee are gonna wait by the buses (; i thinkk? ha, idk. well, this blog is boring, so peace bitches ;*

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    On Oct 29, ashlee_shaddix said:

    Haha. Whose your teacher, Uhlman? :P (thats def spelt wrong, how the fuck would you spell that? :p)

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