For Anyone Who Loves Papa Roach ....! Read This

Mon, Nov 12, 2007 at 11:22 AM By: Katerine

For anyone who stuck by Papa Roach even when they were called stupid for it.

For anyone who loves Jacoby no matter what!!!!!

For anyone who loves the way Dave plays the drums!

For anyone who has ever fantasied about giving Jacoby your cell number and hope he calls you!.

For anyone who gets all excited when you hear scars on the radio!

For anyone who cried whne jacoby comes out on stage at a concert!!

For anyone who has all of Papa Roach's Cd's and wont let anyone touch them!

For anyone who can't listien to Forever and not think of a ex-boyfriend/gilrfriend!!!

For anyone who has had a bad child hood!

For anyone who loves Papa Roach with all their tatoos.

For anyone who loves the lyrics and takes them to heart!

For anyone who thinks there the only one who closes there eyes and know that Jacoby is singing to you and only you!.

For anyone who wanted to jump up on stage and rip off jacoby's clothes!!

For anyone who wanted to meet them just to say I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!!!!!

For anyone who wanted Papa Roach for the rock and roll experiance!!!

For anyone who wants to say PAPA ROACH ROCKS MY SOCKS and means it!!

For anyone who is sick of having to keep there music on low when all u want to do is blast it!!

For anyone who can honestly say that Papa Roach saved their lives.

For anyone who gets exited when someone says Jacoby, Jerry, Tobin, Dave rule!

For anyone who gets exited when someone says Papa Roach or P-Roach

For anyone who says I am Papa Roach!

For anyone who is a True Papa Roach Fan!

For anyone who has had a relative say, "Please no more Papa Raoch today!"

For anyone who gets excited/ hyper when they see a random person wearing a papa roach shirt or jamming to it in the car!


  1. Katerine avatar

    On Mar 22, Katerine said:

    Que mala eres !!!! hahahaha ...! hasta yo me meto en esa religion ...!

  2. vivalacucaracha412 avatar

    On Mar 22, vivalacucaracha412 said:

    Papa Roach all the way Baby!!!

  3. Lana avatar

    On Mar 05, Lana said:

    oh my god! i think i become a nuts fan XD

  4. Luniac avatar

    On Mar 05, Luniac said:

    I saw a guy with a hairstyle like jacoby looked awesome! =) (I got excited then :P)

  5. vern93 avatar

    On Mar 05, vern93 said:

    wow thats awsome an exactly how i feel about them, i wouldnt even be able to explain how i feel about proach cuz there sooo amazing

  6. phprop avatar

    On Nov 13, phprop said:

    that was deep

  7. Highwotish avatar

    On Nov 13, Highwotish said:

    true words XD

  8. havenseesgreen avatar

    On Nov 12, havenseesgreen said:

    wow thats amazing lol i think you covered it all with me! i cant even explain why i love them so much theyre just amazing and no other band can even compare to their music...

  9. mbrace_bndiff avatar

    On Nov 12, mbrace_bndiff said:

    OMG!! u took the words rite outta my mouth.. all of the above applies to
    me! thas freakn awesome!!! ur my hero for today! ha ha!! keeep rockn!!

  10. Mausitax avatar

    On Mar 20, Mausitax said:

    mija hiciste a la gnt llorar, tu y los profetas de jesus... lol! q mala soy!, mija voy a empezar a tnr a proach como mi religion pa no convrtirm en atea!!! jajaja

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