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About Megatronmegmog

My name is Megan.
Full name is Megan Van Delft.
I'm also known as Megatron cause I love transformers and Meg-Mog because of a TV programme I used to watch all the time...
Im 18 yrs old
I'm really short, I'm only like 5ft 3inches but i love being short.
I wanna go into the tattoo buisness and hopefully do professional photography.
I love wolves
I'm not gonna lie I dont have an intresting life... I really just hang with my sister and with I'm usually with my boyfriend most of the time. Pretty much get drunk when I can which isn't often haha :D
I also have purple in my hair :P
Also I'm addicted to monster energy drink and in the process of making a table of the cans I have drunk out of, just cause I have nothing better to do at the moment.
In college but think I'm on the urge of getting thrown out, oops :s not what I wanted to do with my life but shit happens :)
I'm a bit of a dreamer sometimes but we all got to have dreams!
I really want a 1967 ford shelby mustang so bad! but thats never gonna happen.

Well hoped you enjoyed reading this and if you wanna add me than go for it!! :D


Papa Roach
Theory of a deadman
A Day To Remember
A7X (R.I.P Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan)
Cancer Bats
Hollywoo Undead
Three Days Grace
David Bowie
We Are The Ocean
You Me At Six
Deaf Havana
Linkin Park
And lets not forget my brother-in-laws band Minerva Falls

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