bull shit

Fri, Apr 8, 2011 at 4:13 PM By: MandyCrocker

BULL SHIT. I did nothing wrong... but yet hes pissed at me? i should be the pissed one. you keep making empty promises and it just hurts. dont make a fucking promise if your not gonna keep it. Im scared that over this fucking dumb fight you'll walk away.... your pissed at me cuze u took something someone eles said the wrong way? and it hardly was even bout me ....... And I so FUCKING sick of coming 2ed to weed.... i dont care if u smoke it after you see me but its the first thing on ur mind if you can get it then fuck me right .... you say you'll come see me the day after but you fucking dont...... im sick as hell right now you'd think ya wanna see me but i guess once a week is just fine with you...grow up

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