1. Fr3ddie avatar

    On Jul 29, Fr3ddie said:

    OMG hun I sooo know what you mean. My mom was the same. I'm now living with my father cause of that. Except that she was beating me up also, which was making it worse.

  2. A Lifeline of Scars avatar

    On Jul 29, A Lifeline of Scars said:

    O_O......I just experienced serious deja vu reading this....

  3. sinsationalkate avatar

    On Jul 28, sinsationalkate said:

    sounds like your mom is lonely and has very poor self esteem. I'm sorry you've had to watch her spiral out of control. Take her behavior as an example of how not to act. Don't settle for just any guy just to avoid being alone. And absolutely never let them walk all over you and treat you like shit. Be stronger and better than that.

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