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Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 8:06 PM By: MandyCrocker

Im so tired of being judged by the way I dress or act. Im so sick of lables.. Like big whoop I dress weird.. ITs not killing you now is it.. So keep ur mouth shut. Ur what 15 I think its time to grow up. And ur not so hot urself...You think im gross for the amount of make-up i wear and by my skinny jeans? well at lest im not the one who's no's god know how many drugs and who's a chain smokers and drinks everyday... If you think im gross I dont wanna know what the fuck you are? ... I can't beleave I ued to like you.. Well back then you used to be so nice... But since I didnt wanna have sex with you everything changed right? Its my fault for not being a whore... BOOHOO..... You such.....

Just saying =D

  1. Aya avatar

    On Aug 13, Aya said:

    People who judge others by their looks are the most simple-minded people ever andyou deserve better friends like that. ^^
    When people screamed things to me like: "Ooh, gothic!!" Or some of that blabla, I aways screamobvious things back, an exampleis when some one on a bike screamed such a thing, I turned around and screamed: "Ooh, bikers!" They wereall like "WTF?".. Just don't take those crap too personally ^^
    (I am not and never was gothic. Though over here when you dress black, they call you gothic, even if you're not.. xD)

  2. jsgirl91 avatar

    On Aug 12, jsgirl91 said:

    I agree i hate labels to. People are just people but if someone doesnt like you because of the things you like then forget them. If they dont want to look then they dont have to theres plenty of other people for them to look at. Thats just how i feel.

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