Death in 3's

Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 9:39 PM By: kElLi

Everyone always says that death comes in 3's. I truly believe that and it scares the hell out of me. I worry so much about all the people that I love, even the ones that I don't like.
The last blog I wrote, I talked about my friends grandmother. She was taken off of life support last week and is still hanging on. The only brain activity she has is keeping her breathing. So sad, not to sound morbid or hateful, but I think it would have been easier for her family if she would have passed sooner. I couldn't imagine knowing that someone I loved would never wake up, and sitting there day after day in the hospital and trying to go about my business knowing that he or she would die at any moment.

Last Thursday, a guy that I know died. He had a heart attack at 36. He was sort of a regular at the bar, he was on the fire dept so came in for their meetings a lot. I have known him for years. I baby sat his daughter (ten now) back before she could even walk. he was a great guy and would do anything for anyone.

Yesterday another regular passes away. He was older and just had his first grand baby. I worked with his daughter for a long time. He used to give me shit about all my tattoos and the loser guys I dated. He always told me that even tho I ruined my body with crazy shit, I deserved someone amazing, that I was a great person, then he would add "you are a shitty bartender, but a great girl" I will miss him

Sorry :( So what scares me is this, there is two for the death thing, and one would think that my friends grandma will be next, but I know she won't. I am sitting here worrying about everyone. I may need medication.

In other less depressing news.

The Styx/ REO Speedwagon concert was great. They put on one hell of a show. I suggest that if anyone gets a chance to see them you should. Not everyone likes different music, but I like to enjoy the people that are around now, they will not be here forever.

No more rambling on tonight. Peace out peeps

(oh and wrap it before you tap it)

  1. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Mar 15, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    to many people are dying in general! and its scary about the 3's thing... hmmm im not sure what to say!

    but im glad you had a good time at the show im sorry! im a little late this time : (

  2. kElLi avatar

    On Mar 04, kElLi said:

    i know that it's useless to worry. i try not to.

  3. camaro avatar

    On Mar 03, camaro said:

    yeah that is scary about people dying by 3's......its weird!
    but i'm really glad you a great time at the concert! i only have one question!! you still have me down to be your flower girl....right ??

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