ROTR, Roaches, and Pain

Wed, May 26, 2010 at 9:00 AM By: kElLi

My very epic weekend began Friday morning at 6. Lacey and I went to Evansville to see Papa Roach at Woddys. We met up with Devan, Dray, Rachel, and Gina (came from SC). It was so great getting to meet the girls! As far as that show goes, it was great as usual, although the venue was completely unorganized and nothing more than a joke, (the show was under a huge tent!) I was very excited about this show, because it was so close to home some of my non-pr friends attended, and they all loved it of course.

Lacey and I left the show as soon as it was done to eat, gas up and make a 5+ hr drive to Columbus for more roaches and rotr. (the girls from SC also went) By the time we made it to our destination we had time to check out the venue, find our hotel room, change (no time for food or shower) and head back to the venue. Lucking the sc girls had made it to town and rachel and dray were ninja enough to get a spot right up front in line! All the roaches slowly started infesting, It was great getting to see everyone for the first time and without saying too much I will say that there was def a lot of groping.

Some how are large group managed to get right up front, and it was a crazy show (all the bands were great) I have never been to such a rough pr show! crowd surfers galore, being pushed so hard into the bar I seriously could not breath for a majority of the time and once or twice I was scared, but we all managed to sing along and rock out. I didn't have much of a chance to see the guys while they were playing (there were constantly security crotch in our faces) but I could only imagine the shit eating grin Jacoby had on his face when the crowd was going so crazy. After pr left most of us left the baricade. I went back to the hotel room with beth because I had gone almost 40 with no sleep and just had my face rocked off.

Sunday we were in no rush to get to the venue so Beth, lacey, Yoyo and I chilled in our room, talking, maybe drinking and getting ready. I had a great time getting to talk with everyone, and realizing how much stuff we all had in common

The show sunday was good. Met up with the girls at a table when Limp Bizkit came on and rocked out. Sunday night was the best! Vixy, Ashlee, Amy, Mannie and Mya came to our room to hang out. We had a little after party and theres not a lot I will repeat but I have not laughed that hard in a long time! One thing I will say is Amy has a super nice butt (hehe)

Sadly it all ended, and I look forward to this again, the girls I got to meet this weekend were simply amazing and I had such a great time with them all. It was very well worth the lack of sleep, massive bruises, random pains, and slight sunburn.

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    On Jun 14, BethyFBD said:

    all of my reply didn't post! there was a

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    On Jun 14, BethyFBD said:

    MAYBE drinking? uh were we in different hotel rooms?

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    On May 26, retarded_dinosaur said:

    hellz yeah

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    On May 26, themudsharkinterview said:

    Sounds like you had mucho fun!

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