Don't put your fingers there

Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 4:30 PM By: kElLi

Im bored, at work between the rushes...Im doing 18 or so hours today, and im not sure why i agreed to this. People are so annoying, i really dislike the majority of the people i have to deal with on a daily basis. Which makes me wonder how annoying i must be to others??
I got to see my boss' baby today and she is so beautiful, it makes me want kids, but then again the world will probably end soon so why even bother?
If you can't tell im in a really depressed fuck you kind of mood, so i am sorry for that, i need a new life. One where i don't deal with drunk people everyday (or drink just as much) and where people aren't so stupid..I had a GROWN man try to stick his fingers in my mouth while i was talking to the person at the table, wtf, for real? are you retarded? i should have let him put his fingers in and then bit the shit out of him, but i have a fear of other peoples blood so that was a no go.... next time i believe i may just do that...
anyway, im going to be here for 8 and half more hours and i will be bored im sure so hit me up on so addicted to twitter, i really am a loser

  1. *L@cE[y]* avatar

    On Sep 10, *L@cE[y]* said:

    it sucks that you had to work a dbl..=(

    i can't believe some dickweed tried putting his fingers in ur mouth WTF. people are fuckin retarded xD

    i'm sry that ur having a sucky day..........i had one too.

    omg one of our stupid workers tried to steal some food the other day....ha wtf is wrong with people.. mark found 5 bags of chips, 2bottles rtbeer, a bag of pizza sticks, and a half bag of peanut m&ms ...they put them in the bush out back of walls xD seriously why would they do that [i mean they left it there they didn't even take it with them] retarded.

  2. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Sep 10, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    wow im not the only one who commented i feel so unspecial now :( you are not a loser by any means and i said it once and ill say it again you got balls to work 18 hours! i bitch and complain at 13! i dont know how your functioning! and i enjoy your tweets lol! they keep me going cause my life is boring lol!

    and next time bite the hell out of those fingers lol!

  3. TracyA avatar

    On Sep 10, TracyA said:

    Love the hair! :)

  4. Bleedingclaw avatar

    On Sep 10, Bleedingclaw said:

    That guy obviously has some issues.....i'd kick him in the nuts for it. That's a violation of personal space and yeah i agree that the worlds probably going to end why do anything, but you never know so just go ahead and keep on living till it's time i guess....XD

  5. Grizzlybar2289 avatar

    On Sep 10, Grizzlybar2289 said:

    work always sucks. biting a finger off may have made it an interesting day though;p

  6. roach01 avatar

    On Sep 10, roach01 said:

    haha fingers in your mouth. gross

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