rOAchEs On mY EyEs FuCkInG roAcHEs

Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 5:48 PM By: kElLi

Ill try this again..been having problems posting blogs, they just disapper so FUCK YOU BLOG MONSTER.....
Anyway, im really all know that im a dork, so don't expect that to change with this blog..
I went to the halloween havoc store and decided to buy colored contacts (i got green and love them) BUT the most kick ass ones there were bright yellow with a black mother fuckin roach in the middle...A FUCKIN ROACH ON YOUR EYES?!?!? sign me up, so i will be going back on my next day off (two or three weeks) and ordering these....Am i completely retarded? YOu can say i am, i won't be if im not a total tard from here on out i will be the bitch at every at the papa roach concert with roaches on her eyes..lmao....i am too easily amused...
in other news, had a person quit the bar today (i don't blame him) so now on top of not having a day off for like the last two weeks i won't get one for another three or so, i get two doubles next week....yay me, i need the money to buy papa roach tickets tho.....or more responsibly to fix my peice of shit car...
on the last note if any guy is reading this NEVER NEVER tell a woman that she needs to lose weight, that it looks like she had a baby (and she hasn't) that her ass is getting big, or that she needs to exercise because she giggles when she walks (feel free to say that if you are a personal trainer if you are please mail me lol) some twatwaffle told me that i needed to walk off some weight this week, and you know what??? im chunky I KNOW THAT, i live in my body dumbass, so it is my personal goal to be such a bitch to him that he does not come in while i am working.....anyway later on roaches

  1. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Sep 22, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    haha i love the title too! and like a said if your fat im morbidly obese!!! people have no consideration! what a jackass! ill come kick his ass for you!

    and you are by no means a tard! and i am very jealous of your contacts! i cant put contacts in haha! it creeps me out! ive always wanted one white one tho! just to creep people out haha

    and i would totally by proach tix instead of fix my car! who the hell does the responsible thing these days NNOOOOBBBOOODDDYYY


  2. *L@cE[y]* avatar

    On Sep 22, *L@cE[y]* said:

    haha i love the title

    roaches on my eyes fucking roaches =D

    aww i can't wait to see ur green ones i bet they look badarse!!!

    & it's going to be fucking awesome when you get ur roach ones!
    what twatwaffle told you this?! you want me to kick his ass cause i will lol

    kelli your perfect the way you are......your b-e-a-utiful on the inside and out! don't you forget it x.

  3. Grizzlybar2289 avatar

    On Sep 22, Grizzlybar2289 said:

    thats bad ass with the contacts. btw it don't matter what you look like as long as ur ok with it. I'm a big dude and I could care less

  4. retarded_dinosaur avatar

    On Sep 22, retarded_dinosaur said:

    thats bad ass

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