1. tears dont fall avatar

    On Sep 21, tears dont fall said:

    hey wuts up i'm bree u r who bty nice pictures

  2. morgan:D avatar

    On Aug 28, morgan:D said:

    i love your tattoo's. i want one on my wrist that says papa roach. i've actually been thinking bout it but my mom would flip if she saw it.

  3. XxHeartVSMindxX avatar

    On Jul 20, XxHeartVSMindxX said:

    Thanks a bunch for the add.
    I hope we get to be great friends. =)
    Message me sometime.

  4. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Jul 19, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    that sounds pretty wicked!

  5. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Jul 13, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    thats cool what else do you wanna add?

  6. PapaRoachGirl94 avatar

    On Jul 10, PapaRoachGirl94 said:

    yes, pics would be cool too! So go ahead and send in your video & pictures all together?

  7. PapaRoachGirl94 avatar

    On Jul 10, PapaRoachGirl94 said:

    Hey! How are you?

    Just wanted to drop by and let you know that the fans are putting together a birthday video for Jacoby! Here’s the link so you can check it out and be a part of it!


    Spread the word to your friends! Thanks, and hope you have a good day/night!

  8. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Jun 30, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    im good thanks.. what have you been up too?

  9. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Jun 28, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    hey how are you?

  10. emo_pudding_bamf!!! avatar

    On Apr 01, emo_pudding_bamf!!! said:

    Well thats good, cuz it would suck if u were doin bad, lol

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