Where is the sense?

Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 4:59 PM By: K!NG

is it just me... or are there people who have no clue with the other

cliques/labels besides goth and emo? -_- i mean seriously... i get called

goth all the time when i dont always wear black and that stereotyped

stuff... and im not emo because well... it stands for emotional and for

those who think it DOESNT, explain to me and prove me wrong... cuz

emotional has anything to do with emotions orwhat's in ur head.. kind of


and also, stop hating on the scene kids... it's not their fault ur a


and punks... doesnt ANYONE know about them anymore??? and if they dont look "emo" or goth then why the f*ck call people that? -_- just shut up and go

f*ck off on ur boyfriend/girlfriend's best friend... i mean SERIOUSLY if it

bugs u that much then just shut up and walk away or give them a dirty look

just dont SAY anything.. it makes everyone happier

u dont see me going around making fun of people for being a prep or a

jock... i keep quiet because i grew up -_- [not entirely] but i mean

really... doesnt ANYONE here know about the punk clique/label? :/ ....cuz

so far it's not an insult... people have said too many bad things about

"emos" [i personally dont really think there are anymore they're either

posers or scene kids] that both "emo" and goth have become an insult

like calling someone a b*tch or a c*nt -_- ....ALSO ANOTEHR THING!!!!! to

clear this up for everyone.. not every "emo" is a cutter and not every

cutter is "emo" they're 2 different things, and the ones that are both are

either a stereotype or have serious issues -_-... being goth and "emo" [or

scene] arent bad things and u all [meaning the haters] have to realize it,

cuz soon... ur reign of tyranny is gonna be over

and soon prep and jock [besides how it's hated now by the "bad"

labels/cliques/stereotypes] will be the things that everyone will make fun

of [not like they do now... but more and more] -_- comments, hate messages

[beware once u start a fight with me ill never end it cuz once my point is

made ull look like afool] agree'ers etc...

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